Hayward DE Filter Backwash problem

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Hayward DE Filter Backwash problem

Postby aiadisernia » Sat 06 Sep, 2008 09:15

When I backwash, the water is clear. If i tap on the drum, i see some cloudy water. However, when I open the drum, the grid is filthy with earth. Could it be possible that the control valve isnt sending water into the drum?

Help...I'm tired of taking the filter apart every 2 weeks!


Hayward DE Filter Backwash problem

Postby Ggentile » Sun 03 Jun, 2012 16:55

I have and above ground pool for the past 30 years and have never had a problem with the Hayward filter.
It filters the pool great but after I vacume it and turn the nozzel to back wash very little water comes out.
If I put in on waste then the water runs fast. I need some help?

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