DE to Sand and then YUK!

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DE to Sand

Postby poobs » Fri 27 Mar, 2009 22:11

Larry wrote:
The temporary sand filter seems to quickly clog and looses the pump prime.

The pump loses prime due to problems on the suction side. A clogged filter cannot cause a pump to suck air. Try to determine where the pump is drawing air from as this air will keep creating problems for you, even with a new filter.

I got the water parameters as prescribed by the pool store

Could you post them here.


Yup - definitely something wrong with the suction side. there seem to be a lot of bubbles coming out into the pool via the jets plus bubbles can be seen in the clear pump priming cup cover.

There are 3 valves right near the pump that control where the pump sucktions from. # pipes branch out from there to the spa, skimmer and pool vacum. Best flow with the least air seems to take place with all valves open.
Any time one is openend or closed the pressure on the filter gage drops low as does the flow over the spa spill way. this would indicate that the leak is common to all of them or right close to the pump but nothing is visible.

Any ideas how to find the leak/leaks ?

could it be the pump itself ?

I took some leaves out of the pump prime basket and went over all the inlet pipe seams seams with pvc and the above seems to have diminished.

As of today the water is 99% clear. Basically it has taken 10 gal of chlorine 2-3 days apart and a couple of applications of a clarifier . This made all the stuff go to the bottom. I hand vacuumed it and had to wash the filter cartridge every ten minutes or so but soon I had the bottom clear. :thumbup:

Thanks all !!! :D

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