Valve Settings

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Valve Settings

Postby ak74 » Sun 07 Jun, 2009 08:11


I hope that I am in the right place to ask this.

I recently bought a house with an above ground pool. It looks to have a Tagelus sand filter. I can only read part of the filter valve setting. It is a top mount valve and I would like to set it to filter, and it may have been there but I moved it and now don't know where to set it. I have searched the internet and have found the manuals for the filter, but it doesn't show valve settings.

Does anyone know of a site where pictures of the valve top is shown? Or start from one position and circle arround to all the other ones?



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Valve Settings

Postby Swim Today » Wed 24 Jun, 2009 17:13

A good rule of thumb is if the backwash port is on the right side of the valve from the side you are looking at it from then position your handle at the 12 o'clock position. If it is on the left side then position it at the 6 o'clock. Not a guarantee but is a common set up for the valves.

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