Spa draining

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Spa draining

Postby jott4899 » Sat 15 Aug, 2009 16:40

When the pool circulation pump shuts off the water level in the spa drains down to just below the jets, approximately the same level as the pool water Water appears to be draining back nto the pool. A "flapper" on one of the skimmers recently broke and has not been replaced, could this be the problem?

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Spa draining

Postby Me... » Sun 16 Aug, 2009 23:05

Depends on how the system is plumbed. Most would have a smaller line between the pool return and the spa return. This is the line that feeds the water to the spa when in pool mode and it should have a check valve on it to prevent the backflow of water causing just what you describe. This could be missing or stuck open.

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