Black Algae

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump is same elevation as pool
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Black Algae

Postby dobe12 » Fri 19 Feb, 2021 16:27


I have really bad black algae pool problems in late Spring. I don't want to go through the nightmare again this year. The pool looks great now.   
The algae is much less of a problem in early summer and after... But there's still some very mild green algae on the steps and in certain places on the bottom of the pool throughout the Summer.

I have a pool guy who's very reliable and does a great job except with the Spring black algae. He's been taking care of pools for 20 years. The algae has only been a problem in the last 3 years. Before that he controlled it.

He says it's because I have so many flowering vines and other plants. He uses shock treatment and says he always monitors the chemical balance and does everything he can to control it. But it usually takes about 4-5 weeks for it to go away.

My question is are there certain environments where no matter what you do black algae can't be controlled at certain times of the year? If not what should I tell the pool guy he's doing wrong?


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