Chunky Green

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Chunky Green

Postby Wannaswim » Sun 06 May, 2012 12:47

Hi everyone...I am new to this site. I have a Loop-Loc cover that I just removed and the pool is chunky and dark green! I went ahead and got the chemicals from the pool store and had the water tested. I have been vacuum to waste and was wondering if I need to put in chemicals now or wait until I have vacuumed a while? I do not want to waste any time or chemicals by defeating the purpose of using them. I am not sure if I need to run the pump like I normally would, or a different setting. I am in desperate need of help! Also,yesterday my water level was not going up after running the hose for a few hours. However, the water level has not gone down so I know we do not have a leak. I cant run the pump yet because of this. Should I dump a bottle of Banish in the pool since I cannot run the pump yet?

Please help!
Thank you for your input

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Chunky Green

Postby CJsDoll » Tue 08 May, 2012 00:56

I hear ya with the chunky green! I used lots of DG (Dollar General) bleach gallons. I know the bleach kills the algae faster then "algae killer". My chlorine level was off the chart by my digital reader but it sure worked in the pool. My only setback was, my mother in law said that Clorox2 powder was "powder bleach" so it was put in and caused a big foam reaction and then I found out that they cancelled each other out! (liquid bleach and clorox2) Dumping the slime out of the skimmer and pump filter on a regular basis seemed to do the trick after getting new sand for the filter. It's clear now but fighting frogs! LOL
Good luck.... don't skimp on the sand if it needs replaced! Makes a HUGE difference!

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