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Re: Frogs in and around pool

Postby Frog Hater » Sun 30 Apr, 2017 22:11

They are ruining my life right now. I'm getting my golf clubs out tomorrow night and they've had it


Re: Frogs in and around pool

Postby poolguy1130 » Wed 12 Jul, 2017 09:36

Problem: frogs laying eggs and swimming in pool, being around house all night croaking.

Ive read every one of the posts on this message board and tons in other forums. first and foremost DON'T USE MOTHBALLS it is extremely toxic to the land and if you have a well it WILL contaminate your drinking water(depending how close your pool is to your supply) also the largest reason for having frogs around your pool is due to welcoming conditions, and lack of natural predators. Let me give you a little background on me. I have breed fire belly, African hopping toads, and domestic tree frogs for a local pet store for many years. the one thing i had to learn is the conditions had to be right for them to breed.

solution1 :arrow: : really the only effective solution is to increase the natural predators that eat the type of frog in your area. just remember though as a general rule if the marking on the frogs belly are ultra bright they are more than likely poisonous. if they are general treefrogs most snakes will eat them. like pythons, black racers,copperheads, ect.. The biggest thing you dont want to do is to do what my neighbor does :thumbdown: and kill every snake he sees. this activity is what upsets the natural ecosystem. then you will have an infestation with no predators to keep the population from growing.

solution2 :arrow: : if you have an above ground pool you might want to look into an electric cover to seal the pool completely when not in use.( these can cost a bit but are worth it in the long run.

solution3 :arrow: : Buy a new pump with a larger flow rate and make sure that the water is circulating properly. if the water isn't circulating then that is one of the best welcoming features.

hopefully this will help a few of you out.

ps.. if you dont want to handle live snakes, look online for motion sensing snakes. they wont kill but might deter for awhile. i use owls and wolves to help protect my chickens at night.

Re: Frogs in and around pool

Postby lboogie » Thu 14 Jun, 2018 20:21

what an annoying issue to have. i have tried the moth balls they worked for nights then the little loud suckers were back. I bought pest rid granuales and pest rid spray that worked for about 2 nights then they came back.

I have been getting mosquito treatments, spraying viper at night, and put out some fake snakes and put out used coffee grounds and use a solar pool cover to at least keep them out of the pool. I also made mixture of bleach, salt and water and spray the pool deck and the pool cover. I couldn't sleep either I had to put on ear plugs. I am on day 3 frog free but this is so draining. I also shut off all my pretty yard lights. I never hated frogs so much in my life.
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Re: Frogs in and around pool

Postby MarianGuzman » Thu 20 Sep, 2018 01:51

The most easiest way to keep frogs out of your pool is to use a barrier.

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