Pool green and cloudy: Can we fix or should we refill?

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Pool green and cloudy: Can we fix or should we refill?

Postby pompeiii » Tue 22 Jul, 2014 08:19

I can provide numbers later if necessary (I am at work), but in the meantime, I'm hoping for some advice. I am not the pool person, that would be my husband, but I'm the one asking questions. With the exception of the free chlorine, the other numbers were in the normal range (CYA was low but it looks like we finally have that in the normal range. We struggled with pH earlier in the season, but now in normal range). Pool is 30,000 gallon in ground concrete pool with DE filter.

Our pool is green and cloudy and has more or less been this way all season. We have struggled all year to with our free chlorine which I am sure is playing a role in the green/cloudy water. That said, it doesn't matter how much chlorine (we've used granular, powder shock, liquid) we add, our free chlorine is almost always at 0.

We have a DE filter and backwashed Sunday and the pressure was good for the day. But as of last night/this morning, the pressure gauge is up so I assume we need to backwash again, correct? Should we expect to have to backwash/shock almost daily until we get on top of this?

Or, is it better just to drain and start over. We can drain the pool pretty quickly though filling will take time as we do have a well (so I assume it'll take us 1-2 weeks to refill).

Anyway, any advice based on my nonexistent pool knowledge? I do plan to go to the pool store for more advice as well, but I am looking for multiple ideas/opinions.

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Pool green and cloudy: Can we fix or should we refill?

Postby CyricDamascus » Sun 31 Aug, 2014 10:00

Really sorry no one has replied yet, If you could post numbers that would be great!
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Pool green and cloudy: Can we fix or should we refill?

Postby PoolCleanup » Tue 21 Oct, 2014 20:41


Based on the what's mentioned without the numbers, your filter needs to be opened and examined. You would need to replace the filter grids and the manifold. After replacing both the grids and the manifold, throw in a bottle of Jacks Magic(magenta stuff) into the pool and let it run non-stop for 48 hours before balancing the water chemistry. Then make the adjustment to the water chemistry as needed.

I know this msg is a little too late but next time you or some one else faces similar problem, we now have a solution here :D Hope that helps!

Sam Bhullar
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