Pool going green/cloudy after solar install

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Pool going green/cloudy after solar install

Postby sglnichols » Sun 30 Nov, 2014 20:49

Hi guys,
Wonder if anyone can please help. I have a 20,000 L sand filter fibro chlorine pool. We had solar heating fitted less than 1 year ago. I realise that due to increased pool temp due to solar that the pool is going to drink more chlorine. I have been completely on top of my levels for pH, total chlorine, stabaliser and acid demand. Have been checking levels twice per day.
However I've noticed that when the solar has been running after abount 1 week the pool turns cloudy/green. I know that this is not due to lack of filter running time as the filter is running in parrell with the solar pump. The only soloution for this problem is a flocculent treatment which is time consuming and tiresome. Have to wait 24 hrs for the floc to settle then vacuum to waste and rebalance the pool, kids then shount at me cus pool is out of action!
Am I getting some kind of algae? Am i getting stagnant water build up in my solar panels? When my solar pipework reaches the roof it then run's downhill, I'm wondering if when the solar pump is off I'm getting water building in the panels/pipework.
Thanks in advance,

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