Fix Green / Refill pool via Lake

Algae problems in swimming pool water.
Green (cloudy) water or slimy pool walls.
Black algae. Mustard algae. Pink or white pool mold.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Fix Green / Refill pool via Lake

Postby markbrick » Sat 30 Jul, 2016 11:20

Pool turned green this past week and couldn't get it back to normal. Rented a 3" pump and emptied 18500 gallon pool in an hour and refilled with lake water. Within 12 hours all was back to good. Sand filter and 8 gallons of bleach did the trick. Saw different posts of lake water being iffy. I'm sold.

Video of initial dump -

Video of refill -

Video of final refill -
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