My Pool is green :(

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Pool is a year old this 2016 season. It is a 18 ft round above ground pool. The filter is a sand Hayward filter.

My Pool is green :(

Postby cmiller171991 » Mon 22 Aug, 2016 20:16

Problem: The pool is green when you look at the water in the pool, but when you take some water out it is clear.
FC: 3-5
TC: 3-5? not sure of the difference between free and total
TA: 150-160
CH: 200 (when I put the initial 5 drops in the water the water was a light tan color not the blue that it is supposed to be, I added drops until it changed colors)
CYA: Not sure. I am not sure on how to even test this
My pool: 18 ft round above ground pool
Pool chemicals: soda ash (leslie brand), baking soda, HTP chlorine tablets, Baking soda tablets, alkalinity up (leslie brand), HTP shock-N-swim, Shock leslies brand
My pump & filter:Hayward sand filter
Other info: Wamer weather and a lot of rain. The pool started turning green on Friday. I shocked it Friday night Sunday it was becoming greener so I put soda ash in it as well as more chlorine tablets. This morning it was not any better so I shocked it again. The filter has been back washed and running constantly since the pool became green. The weather has been really warm all summer and I have not had an issue. I am guessing it is a mix of rain and weather (warm cold the warm again) When I say cold I mean like 79-80 since it has been 95-100.

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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: My Pool is green :(

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 23 Aug, 2016 04:16

FC is the amount of useful chlorine available
TC is the the total amount of FC and CC combined chlorine (This is the used-up chlorine that smells like disinfectant and irritates eyes.)
TA can be reduced with Muriatic Acid which will lower PH as well but can be raised with Aeration
If your pool is green you very likely have algae and need to Slam
What test kit are you using to measure CYA as you will need to know to Slam your pool

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