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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 14,000 gallon, in-ground, salt water pool, typically 3,100-3,300 PPM salt count, variable speed pump, running at 25 GPM 7 hours per day, and 1,200 GPM three hours per day (for cleaning with Kreepy), DE 60 filter. Quite "dirty" requiring twice daily surface skimming due to two large liquid amber trees over pool, resulting in higher phosphates. Local water is very hard, with higher than optimal calcium levels. Salt generator inspected and cleaned every 3 months. Recurring issues during spring/summer months with mustard algae.

Mustard Algae and "No Mor Problems" - Chem Geek?

Postby srnorris » Sat 01 Apr, 2017 18:29

I have a question on the treatment of Mustard Algae. Hoping that Chem Geek user might see this as well, as he seems a complete genius in this area....

Quick question. Last summer we had mustard algae on the north facing side of our pool (bio in my profile) and used "No Mor Problems" as a treatment. It worked wonderfully, with apparently no ill effects.

This year, as the weather warms here in Southern Cal - the mustard algae is again coming back, and I just used a small dose to treat it. I am concerned in reading on this forum that using this product is turning my salt water pool (with chlorine generator) into a bromide/bromine pool? I dose lightly, using about 4 ozs per week for my 14,000 gallon pool.

Please advise on the risk and effects of this, if you may. Thank you in advance. Be as nerdy in your reply as possble!

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Pool Industry Leader
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My Pool: 10k inground fibreglass, Telescopic Cover, Hayward Powerline pump, Quality filter with glass media, 27kw output heat pump, K-2006C test kit
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Re: Mustard Algae and "No Mor Problems" - Chem Geek?

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 02 Apr, 2017 02:58

I can't help you with your problem but can point you in the right direction
Chem Geek and many others will be able to help you

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