Help! High pressure & vac not working

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Help! High pressure & vac not working

Postby jeff.anderson.925059 » Sun 10 Sep, 2017 14:59

Hey guys, I've checked tons of posts but still not figuring this out. My pool vacuum won't come on. I have a play pool that keeps turning green.

The pressure is at 20- 25 psi. I have a DE filter and a new pump. I've shocked the pool and cleaned the filter off numerous times. After I shock the pool clean, backwash, adr DE and clean the filter. The vacuum will turn on for like an hour the stop.

I'm a pool rookie. It's a salt water pool, and salt level is good, chlorine generator is broken I think, and I have acid but I haven't been adding any to the pool like I should.

Really confused why there seems to be no pressure out if the filter. It's high on the gauge but very low at the vacuum and water jets. I've been at it for months and need some help!

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Re: Help! High pressure & vac not working

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 11 Sep, 2017 03:32

Because you sy the pool is green, I would assume that you have an algae bloom and need to Slam with relation to your Chlorine / CYA Chart
What is your clean pressure? as it seem that your filter is doing it's job and getting clogged up with dead algae and stopping the vacuum
When you have low pressure the resistance through the filter is low hence a good flow
When you have high pressure the resistance through the filter is high hence a poor flow causing your vacuum to slow or stop
Can you vacuum to waste?
Don't add acid untill you have a complete set of numbers. I assume that you don't test otherwise you would have given them
What are your numbers and how do you chlorinate if your SWCG is broken?
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