I have a Vinal pool and I have algae

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I have a Vinal pool and I have algae

Postby daraandmarty » Mon 24 Jul, 2006 11:10

I have shocked it twice and nothing has happened can I use something else and is it safe to go in and vacuum? Also my pool is not perfectly flat it has some bumps on the bottom so I think that causes my vacuum not to work properly! Help!!!!!


pool algae

Postby rangergirl64 » Mon 07 Aug, 2006 22:28

I have a vinyl pool (wal mart type) and I had algea. I called a pool company and was told that I have to go crazy on putting chlorine in it. My pool is 18 feet and she said put liquid chlorine in it, because it dissolves better then the other kind. I had to put in 4 gallons on one evening and 24 hours later I had to put in another 4 gallons. It has to be in the evening when it's not so hot. I think my algea is now dead, but the water is still a bit cloudy which hopefully the filter will take care of. You have to brush your pool (I used a normal broom) clean your filter a few times a day and I also put some clarifieing stuff in it so it will clear up faster. Oh, and I put some dry acid in the pool, because all the chlorine will raise your ph. I hope this will work!

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