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getting rid of algae

Postby Guest » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 12:48

We are looking into buying a house with an inground pool. The problem is that the pool has not been properley taking care of since no ones has lived in the house. The guy whos owns it wants to sell the house and not mess with it since he has moved 5 times in the last year. Is there a way to get rid of the algae in the bottom. the pool comes with the vacuum and the heating system. the vacuum is in the pool and looks like the people were trying to clean the pool when the left the house. We have no experience with pools and wonders if the vacuum will take care of the algae. It has alot of dead bugs,leaves,dirt on the bottom. The water is very clear even with all the debris floating around. Any info on what we can do to clean it would be great. :D


Postby Guest » Sun 13 Aug, 2006 09:53

You could chemically try to kill all that algea on the bottom and filter it out. That's a lot of time and money. Syphon vac all the crap on the bottom out onto the ground. Or vaccuum to waste one of the two. Then just replace the water you emptied. THEN once you have the majority of crap out chemically treat it. If the water hasn't been balanced in 5 years I STRONGLY advise you to get the water balanced at a local pool store. Bring the water in anythign BUT a soda bottle. If your water is acidic and it runs through your heater you'll dissolve the pipes in it and stain your liner.


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