pool help?

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pool help?

Postby camarogirl » Wed 02 Aug, 2006 14:58

I have an above ground vinyl I think it's 15,000 gallons it was really green and I put regular bleach in it it turned it clear but according to the test strips its reading the lowest on everything what are the steps to take to bring everything up to normal?

Ranger 48

Pool Algae

Postby Ranger 48 » Mon 07 Aug, 2006 16:41

Try some Moratic acid, we put in 12 oz the first time. Test your level again the next day. This will get your PH level down. If it is still way high, put in 8 oz. When your PH is at good range, put in about 2-3 bottles of clorine. Check your levels again the next day.

Let me know if you need more help! :)


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