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Postby pshaw06 » Sat 12 Aug, 2006 11:00

Pool water green, algae on sides and bottom. We have vacuumed endlessly, chlorine level is very high, have used algacides, have changed sand in unit. This is a 24ft round above ground. Help any suggestions we are at the point now we are going to drain and close. :? :?


Postby HABS_SD » Sat 12 Aug, 2006 12:26

Don't give up. A few lines down on the "Bleach" thread, you can find all the info you need. I had a similar problem and am now enjoying crystal clear water. It will take five days, but it's all outlined there. If you are still confused and have questions, post specific answers and I will answer the best I can!


Postby pshaw06 » Sat 12 Aug, 2006 15:13

But our chlorine level is off the charts????? :?:

Postby HABS_SD » Sun 13 Aug, 2006 10:56

In which case it is a matter of time. You have to keep back-washing your filter (three times a day) and brush and vacuuming. It really is all you can do, and make sure the chlorine stays high. Shock, pool if needed. If you keep filter running 24/7, keep it clean and keep chlorine levels high, it won't take more than 4-5-6 days depending on size of pool.

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