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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby ms.carter » Sun 26 May, 2019 14:08

Okay, so a little background info for you guys. I have a little above ground pool I purchased last summer. It’s nothing too fancy just a 15’x4’ summer waves pool. I left it up all winter, I thought this would help save me from having to purchase more water this summer which is not cheap. Of course I used a winter kit in it before covering it up and closing it. I reopened it last month only to discover it was a swamp. It was completely green and had tadpoles and other unknown creatures living in it (I fished out as many as I could and transported them to my pond).

Over the course of a month, I’ve shocked the water at least 5 times. I’ve went through at least 4 filters (pump seems to be running great) and I finally managed to get the chemicals (chlorine, ph, alkaline) perfect. My water is no longer green. The problem I’m now faced with is the water is pretty cloudy. I’ve used clarifier (multiple times) I’ve scrubbed the sides and bottom of the pool with a brush and I’ve vacuumed it multiple times. I can faintly see the bottom and there seems to be nothing at all there (no algae or debris). I feel defeated. Im not sure what more I can do to clear things up.

Any ideas or advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

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