red spots on filter

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red spots on filter

Postby myINpool » Tue 14 Jul, 2009 19:45

Has anybody ever had red spots on their cartridge filters? I've got cloudy water in my salt pool and noticed the red spots when I went to clean the filters. They are very small, maybe 1/16" from side to side, but all over the filters. My chlorine is slightly low, and I struggle to keep my ph down. I can get my ph down to about 7.8 with acid, but it goes back up in the course of 3 weeks or so. I've also got dark powdery substance on my light. If anybody has ever come across this problem before, please, please advise.


red spots on filter

Postby mRaffa » Sun 19 Jul, 2009 10:14

The only time I had any red color in my pool is when my son went swimming in the ocean and went into the took silver algeacide to remove the problem.

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