My green pool

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fiona faye

My green pool

Postby fiona faye » Tue 28 Jul, 2009 08:12

I woke up yesterday to discover that my pool was green. I'm not a pool expert, so I thought the easiest option was to empty it and refill it. So the hose was on last night filling my pool. This morning I woke up once again to a green pool. It is green but its not cloudy. Its not the filter that is causing it because it wasn't on last night. It is an indoor pool (it was out door but we built a shed thing over it), but it may be possible that a small amount of rain water may have gotten into the pool, as there has been heavy rain. The chlorine is regularly topped up and I put chlorine on the bottom of the pool before I filled it up last night. Could the chlorine be reacting with something in the water? Please explain things in very simple terms as I don't really know much about it. Thank you.

derrek b

My green pool

Postby derrek b » Wed 29 Jul, 2009 15:34

what happened was you got an untreatable algea in your pool the same just happened to mine in order to get rid of the green you'll have to do a 30 parts per million shock to your pool this will be a lot of shock you can check over the internet how big your pool is and how much shock it will take. then if you have a vacum your gonna want to vacum the algea out once its settled to the bottom of the pool.

My green pool

Postby mgara » Sat 01 Aug, 2009 13:09

I don't know what is with this stuff, but everyone I know using it including myself loves it. Go to nomor.htm and use the drop down to find the product for your problem. They have one for every type of algae. I had problems with yellow algae and it was gone in 2 days, including the stains in 4 more days. It keeps my water so clear and the chemical balance is somehow maintained with this product. It's summer and I have even been able to turn down the time my pool pump runs and still no problems.

Just google which one you need and you can find it at many online pool supply stores.
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Pool Care Proficient
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My green pool

Postby RMS1 » Sun 16 Aug, 2009 01:46

You need to blast your pool with chlorine and a good algaecide.

Get your alk. to 80-100 and pH to 7.0, then have at it. Remember to brush and backwash and allow the filter to run until the water is clear. Use Calcium Hypo instead of liquid chlorine or bleach. that has only 12% chlorine but the Cal. hypo has 65%. You'll have a film of calcium on the bottom of your pool that will need to be vacuumed.
chem geek
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My green pool

Postby chem geek » Sun 16 Aug, 2009 19:31

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