Booster pump turns on no output

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Booster pump turns on no output

Postby Wesleyd123 » Sat 02 Mar, 2019 13:59

Hello I am a new pool owner, I have an in ground pool about 28-30k gallons. I have a Jandy DEL 60 and a PB4 Booster Pump. When the Jandy pump is on water flows the bubbler has water coming out of it. Once I turn on the booster pump for the Polaris pool skimmer it appears that water flows through it at a slow rate but it does not have ANYWHERE near the power it had before, I honestly dont think it is sucking up at all I think it is just pushing the water through it from the Jandy pump. When I turn the Booster pump on i can physically hear it come on. The only thing that I see is a very small amount of water coming out of the top hose where the grommet meets the unit.

Do we think I need a new unit or should I be disconnecting this thing and taking it off the slab to take apart?

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Re: Booster pump turns on no output

Postby Teapot » Sun 03 Mar, 2019 07:03

What's a bubbler?
You may hear the booster pump come on but most of these type of pump failures are due to a small, inexpensive but essential part failing, in this case probably the start/run capacitor. That's the first place I would look.

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