sand filter issue

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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sand filter issue

Postby gary2beach » Sun 28 Jul, 2019 11:31

Hi All, please help, I am at a loss.

18 x 34' above ground pool installed about 17 years ago, 200 lb sand filter with 1 hp pump.

Water was crystal clear a month ago, went on vacation for 10 days, left pump running as I usually do, yes I run it all the time not just 8 hours a day and have for 17 years.

Came home to cloudy greenish water, I made sure to bring all in balance chemical wise.

When vacuuming I noticed dirt coming back thru the return, checked for channeling and it had a channel open, sand was caked up in places, I got my arm down there and broke it all up, they did a few hour sand rinse by putting hose down the bottom and letting all the particles rise and overflow.

Did a rinse, backwash and rinsed again, set it to filter. Next day vacum and see dirt again coming thru return.

OK, so now figure sand is not doing it's job, get all the sand out and rinse the interior down, check laterals and all looks good.

Add pea pebbles to cover laterals, then add 150 lb's sand. Rinse, backwash, rinse again and set to filter.

Next day go to backwash as should have trapped lots of green, nothing.

I have set the valve to waste and water goes to waste, have set it to recirculate comes out return, as I mentioned backwash it comes out waste/backwash tube.

When I set it to filter it is coming out return but I think it is not being filtered as I get no dirty water coming out backwash.

Have been running pump constant and no dirty water comes out at backwash.

What am I missing?

There is no sand coming out of return so no lateral is damaged.
Pump and filter are sized correctly.

I sure hope someone has the answer to this riddle :)

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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: sand filter issue

Postby Teapot » Sun 28 Jul, 2019 14:58

You used fresh sand when you refilled?
Half filled the filter with water to prevent impact damage as the pea gravel and sand went in?
Blocked the centre pipe to prevent media entering?

The issue of chemicals in balance is not decided by a guide on the packet but by proper chemistry which we can advise on, so please post your water test results. It's tricky to filter out live algae at best, you need to shock level the chlorine and watch for the algae to turn blue grey and hold the shock level until the water clears which can take several days.

I do not believe your filter and pump are sized correctly, your filters ok but the pump is too powerful for good filtration on that size filter.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: sand filter issue

Postby jtmm1960 » Wed 25 Mar, 2020 07:06

I just changed sand in my filter, 1st time ever doing it it's a Carver, for 18 x 36 deercreek pool, put 250lbs sand, it filtered at first, pool very green, filter will backwash, it will rinse, but when I put on "filter" little glass is empty, nothing comes out jets, put it back on backwash, little glass fills up, also salt cell says "no flow" on filter setting, checked piping no blockage
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Re: sand filter issue

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 26 Mar, 2020 04:11

My MPVs glass is empty on filter
Have you tried recirculate?
Did you dismantle the MPV or replace it incorrectly?
It could be your spider gasket

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