Barracuda G3 problems

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Barracuda G3 problems

Postby JMcRae » Tue 10 Nov, 2020 20:50

I think this thing is haunted. Just changed the filter, cleaned the basket filter - normally the G3 just about climbs out of the pool. Barely moving. Diaphragm looks good (but ordered a spare anyway as they're inexpensive). Checked all the hose connections. Same suction ("2-3") on the little gauge I usually have with a clean cartridge filter.

Odd thing - normally the hose "shakes" (or pulses) - enough that the kids notice it if they're in the pool. Almost NO pulse tonight - EXCEPT if I start to pull it up from the bottom, as soon as the hose goes vertical it pulses like crazy...

Anyone have any ideas?


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