Pool Heater Recommendation

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Heater Recommendation

Postby Reegs941 » Mon 04 Jan, 2021 09:33

New to the forum, looking for some guidance on installing a pool heater. Here is some background on my pool.

Pool Information:
-Roughly 11,000 Gallons (329 Sqft Surface Area)
-Kidney'ish Shape
-Tampa Florida (warm weather)
-No Gas
-Do not want solar
-Leaves me with a heat pump option to my knowledge

Interested In:
-Are my estimates on surface area and gallons accurate? See sketch below.
-Any specific brands that are known to be bullet proof?
-How many BTU’s would be minimal / optimal?
-How much on average should I expect to pay for a heater and installation?


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