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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool equipment

Postby Ti3155 » Mon 22 Feb, 2021 02:12

Hello , I found this forum and I found few solutions but now uts little bit different.

So im in process of building a pool , I fired my "contractor" because I found too many imperfections and cut too many corners to save money , he draw 80% of the money and I dont think he want to finish it SMH and honestly with the way it looks I dont want him to finish it.

So to the questions.

I purchased pool equipment.
My pool is with connected raised spa , not built in the pool so its has Speedway to the pool.

I purchased Pump , filter. Salt cell, actuator , lights etc...

I'd like to get your advice so maybe I can get some rest at least on the equipment.

So , the PB installed all the pipes using 1.5" , drain , skimmer , returns , vaccume line is the only 2" pipe around the pool.
I purchased single speed 1.5HP pantair pump 240v the problem is I have some water features and I'd like to know if that would be enough to run everything through one single speed pump and I want to know ifvi need another pump to operate the water features so ill explain.

I want to, to install 4 smart switch so I can control and setup timer through my phone.

I'm not even sure if I need 4 but lets see what you guys saying.

So I have pool and spillway spa @ 15k apx water volume
I have a waterfall
I have 3 bubblers
I have 6 lights , x3 bubblers , x2 pool, x1 spa
Id like to know what do I need and how many actuators I need to install and if I need a seperate pump to run the pool and seperate pump to run the water features, id like to have the water features seperate because as my understanding the spillway will stop when I'm using heater for the spa so im not sure how its really works .

So id like to control all the lights under 1switch its not a problem .

Now the lights I purchased are hayward 320 , I will install one at the spa , x3 in bubblers and now is the dilemma.

My PD installed 1.5" pipe for the 1 light at the pool , im not sure if that would be enough since he dud it 18" I think and not as directed 9" under the water line , also is the 320 can cover the entire pool ? I dont want it to be too bright or too dark , my pool is 14x28 plus tanning ledge 14x10 but its has 3 bubblers with light on it plus the light in the spa , should I drill a hole NOW and install another light on the other side of the pool at the shallow end facing the deep end ?
I cant install on the deep end because we already poured the deck on that side so its impossible.

Can someone help me here please ?
I'm looking my mind over that I can still return the equipment for an exchange.

Also , the filter i bought is pentair sand 24" with 6 way port (not sure what's that good for lol) its something with new tech , super clean etc... I think it's TA60 or so .
Is that good enough ?

Leave the bran now I know Janey is great but I can't afford it , If this equipment is enough ill keep it if not I can replace it ,

So .
1. Do I nedd another pump for Water features?
2. If I need , should I go with bigger or VS pump ? (i have 1.5" pipes remember)
3. Is one hayward 320 light installed 18" under water level will be good enough or i need to install another one ?
Is the 24" pantair filter will work Good enough or need to get bigger one?

I really appreciate your attention, im losing my mind. My pool builder doesn't know what he's doing lol

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