Swimming Pool Equipment - FOR SALE

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Swimming Pool Equipment - FOR SALE

Postby Tyrrell2 » Sun 09 Jan, 2022 15:16

Dear Pool Forums Users,

In 2021 we moved into a house in Oxfordshire, UK with a full service, heated Swimming Pool (with jets) in the garden, and with a very young family we've decided to remove it.

Over the course of the 6 months we've owned the home we've used the pool many times and so most of the items below (unless stated) are in full working condition and can effectively power and clean a full size swimming pool.

We are looking to sell all of the pumps, filters etc. to hopefully help someone else.

We are selling:
- Certikin Thermostat
- Mega V Sand Filter
- Starite Filtration Pump
- 2 x Mega Centrifugal Pumps and 2 x Air Switches to Power these (I believe that one needs some repair as one Jet is weaker than the other)
- Bowman Heat Exchanger
- Surechlor 3000 Chlorinator Generator and Cell (we've always treated the pool manually so I'm not sure if these work effectively - but the filter pumps the water through)
- Astralpool Lighting Converter
- Hose and Brush for cleaning the Pool

Research suggests if I sold all seperately on ebay I'd get around £1200-1300 but looking to sell, to someone looking to build/repair their own pool.

Willing to split items for sale if people only want specific elements.

Any questions then please let me know and can share more images/details

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