Salt Chlorinator faulty

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Pool size : 28,000 L
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Salt Chlorinator Monoarch BMSG20 ( Eco salt )
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Salt Chlorinator faulty

Postby vaughanlundin » Sun 10 Apr, 2011 11:21

Pool 28,000 L
Salt Chlorinator BMSC 20 Monarch ( Eco Salt )
Fiberglass Pool.
Please could you give me some advice as to why my salt chlorinator is not working correctly. The red light keeps coming on and then going back to green. When it goes red it means there is something wrong.

I have checked the salt water level and that correct , noticed its not producing enough chlorine as it keeps turning off. One thing I noticed is that the middle electrode that goes to the Cells get very hot. Why would one of the wire get hot. I think the chlorinator is switching off because the electrode is getting too hot.

Please could you give me some advice what I could do to sort the problem

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