No Suction in skimmer, returns not working either

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 19 x 30 free form pool. 3ft - 5ft deep. Did have salt system until chlorinator died, now we use chlorine. We have a Saturn Sta-Rite Filter
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No Suction in skimmer, returns not working either

Postby LizForri » Sun 29 May, 2011 20:32


I have an inground free form pool with a Sta-Rite Saturn DE Filter. We have not changed the DE filter since the pool was put in in 2003. I have been having problems recently with cleaning the pool. There was very little suction from the skimmer. I openend the filter and cleaned it all out, which gave me some suction, but when I was about 90% finished with the pool, I lost suction completely. The returns are not working, no suction at all from the skimmer, and the waterfall is not working. When I go over to the filter, the basket which collects all of the debris from the vaccum is not emptying after I turn the pump off. The pump is running, but I am getting absolutely no suction from the skimmer and the returns are not working at all. The waterfally is just dripping water runs down the side of the pool. I have tried taking the filter apart and cleaning it again, but this did not change anything. I have ordered a new grid for the DE Filter, but will this help or could I have a bigger problem? Could there be a clog in the pipes and if I call someone can they come out and clean the lines out?


No Suction in skimmer, returns not working either

Postby Guest » Mon 30 May, 2011 09:07

check your valve it on filter? check the handle? is it stiff when you change the settings? ....the spring inside could have corroded and fell apart like mine did..... Do you have trees that drop needles or silt? check the impeller on your pump.....sometimes the impeller gets so much debris caught in it it prevents it from spinning or slows it down dramatically...You have to reach in where the impeller is and spin it with your fingers ...if it doesnt move the impeller cant turn...
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No Suction in skimmer, returns not working either

Postby SPMG » Wed 08 Jun, 2011 11:15

Hello Pool User,

Try running the pump with the multi-port valve set to 'circulate'.
If suction improves you have a filter problem and if it does not improve you have a blocked impeller in the pump or a blockage in one of the lines.

From experience, most line blockages are on the skimmer pipe and are caused by 'lost' bikini tops and kiddies toys! They can usually only be removed by compressed air.

Hope this helps.


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