Considering a Debris cover, Too many Trees closeby

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 35000 gal IG pool, with concrete bottom, and steel sides and skimmers - that have collected some rust. DE Filter, Only have top skimmers, No main drain.
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Considering a Debris cover, Too many Trees closeby

Postby webguynow » Tue 07 Jun, 2011 15:56

Have considered a cover, a Solar cover and reel, then thinking about a debris cover
They seem nice, especially with the reel.
Question is - Either way, How the heck do you remove the debris, and clean it off - on a regular and systematic basis ? ( leaves, seeds, branches - getting 'em every day )

In my rather creative mind, I had even considered, some kind of a huge lean-to ( in a perfect world made of plastic or poly-carbonate ) that would lay over the braces I could construct, and it would be at an angle for easy rinsing off. I would need to make it hinged, so It can fold, and be disassembled and stored when not needed. This would be a temporary structure, even the braces could be removed.

similar to when I googled with keywords: Pool enclosures
I got some decent links, but I didn't like the look of anything that was a permanent structure over the pool.

Pool specifics:
IG, pool, 35000 gallons, DE filter, which I'm sure is over-worked by all this crud, and I don't want to become a vacuuming expert either. Although I'm open to suggestions - on all these topics.

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