Which automatic pool cleaner to purchase

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Stuart 1960

Which automatic pool cleaner to purchase

Postby Stuart 1960 » Mon 28 Nov, 2011 05:42

Hello forumers, i am new to this forum and have read some of the great posts, i am in great confusion as to which automatic pool cleaner to purchase and where to purchase from, we have a fiberglass in ground pool with a solar heater and thermal blanket, however we have had not much success with the KK brand of automatic cleaners, in that the blanket seems to slow the rate of the cleaner down and make it arratic, i would like to here from other people as to what to purchase for this issue.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Pool Enthusiast
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Which automatic pool cleaner to purchase

Postby allclearpools » Mon 28 Nov, 2011 16:54

Do you have a setup for a pressure side cleaner? A robotic cleaner would be better if you do not. You may find this helpful in your decision. It explains the different types of pool cleaners.


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