Broken pipe to pool sweep

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 20' x 50' big in ground pool built in the 70's. It was refiberglassed in the 90's and part of one wall is delaminating!
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Broken pipe to pool sweep

Postby jmcfarland » Tue 20 Nov, 2012 13:28

I just bought a house with a pool built in the 70's. general dimensions are like 20' x 50' pretty big. Anyway, the pool seems to have 2 problems. 1 the filter intake at the bottom of the pool is broken/premanently clogged. 2 the port on the side of the pool that supplys pressure for the pool sweep hookup is busted so that half of the pressure seems to shoot out from a crack where the pipe enters the side of the pool. The sweep does work, although the sweep is older, like a polaris 360. I've ordered a new one.

Anyway I am wondering if or how I can fix that pipe. I am thinking maybe I could cut off the head of the pipe that the pool sweep attaches to and put a smaller diameter pipe up into that pipe. What do you think?

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