Solar blankets

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Solar blankets

Postby swimnZ » Tue 12 Mar, 2013 08:46

I'm looking for a solar cover for my pool. there are way too many options on these online stores for me to choose without more info on them. I've figured out that I will probably go with a 12mil but I've seen 16mils as well as the option between blue and blue/black and klear??? what is this klear choice? and is there any difference between the klear heat and klear choice??? thanks for the response! :mrgreen:

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Solar blankets

Postby CGPoolman » Wed 13 Mar, 2013 10:00

I'm not familiar with the Klear products, but I've read good reviews about them as far as their function and quality. I have installed many of the standard 12 mil blue solar blankets and never seen any real issues with them. There's not much difference in heat retention between the 12 and 16 mil - personally I would go with the 12 mil and spend a few extra $$ getting the reel to roll it up. Most of the time if one of these blankets is going to rip, its because it got snagged on something being pulled off the pool or was set on top of something that poked a hole in it. For your size pool you should be able to find a decent blanket for about 100 bucks.


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