Maintaining a Pool Without a filter

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Maintaining a Pool Without a filter

Postby Woraner » Thu 18 Apr, 2013 12:16

I have three 5000 gallon water systems that I want to be cleaned and treated like pools but I don't have a proper filtration system.

I just recently opened a miniature golf course in south Florida and while it was in construction I was told by the contractor that there would be no need for filters and that the ponds would be fine and self sustaining. Being a pool owner I should have known better. Now that construction is done and I have been in business for over a year, I can't add filter because the cost would be well over $40,000 for all the parts and the construction to add the piping.

I have 3 algae filled ponds that have constant flowing water 14 hours a day. I try my best to load them with chlorine but that doesn't seem to do much. Is there anything special I should be doing? does anyone know of any vacuum product that filters algae or a good portable filter?

TSH Tech

Maintaining a Pool Without a filter

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 22 Apr, 2013 22:58

You need filtration, doc. No way around it.

Three ponds, 5000 gallons each? I'm not sure how you're setup with your pumps, but you could add a relatively inexpensive sand filter, OR, add an inexpensive sand filter system for each pond. Such as these, a 3-pack of sand filter systems for around $500.00 ... 740010.htm

A note on the link, I have never bought here, nor do I endorse this site, but I post it to give you an example that there are other possible solutions out there that could solve your dilemma. For ponds as small as these, sand filter is the way to go. Inexpensive and easy to maintain. Sand is good for around 16 years if properly backwashed and maintained.

I'm no expert on miniature golf courses, but given the challenge of adding filtration pipes after the fact and saving money below that 40K estimate, I throw this out as a suggestion; perhaps the filters could be disguised and covered under fake props that fit the theme of your park with the pipes discretely/creatively dropped over and into the ponds hidden by other forms of props. Just a suggestion.

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