Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

Postby ThinkBig1323 » Wed 10 Jul, 2013 09:30

Introducing the Pureion Wave, a freshwater purification and maintenance technology that renders every other water treatment method out on the market obsolete. This system is guaranteed to be more Eco-friendly, health conscious, cost effective, hassle free, and time saving in comparison to every other water treatment method in the industry. This system requires ZERO chemicals to be added directly to your pool water. Most importantly, pool maintenance is virtually eliminated because this system perfectly manages the pool water integrity. That is, pH level (7.2-7.6) and alkalinity (80-120) are perfectly balanced. In addition, this technology will sanitize and dissipate 100% of the organic matter residing in the pool. Again, ZERO chemicals are introduced to the pool water. Therefore, after treatment with this technology, pool owners are left with pure, drinkable quality water.

If your a pool owner struggling with any of the following issues:

-pH level
-Total alkalinity
-Chemical imbalance
-Algae growth or Green water
-Health issues (dryness, redness, irritation, etc.)
-Environmental conditions (extreme heat, rain)

This system prevents these common problems, and requires virtually no maintenance for the owner.

How the system works:

This is not a filtration system, this technology uses the process of electrolysis (hooking up to the filter); sanitizing ions (not like ionization systems) are fed through the pool return. When these ions are released through the return into the pool water they immediately begin killing organic matter, and balancing the pool water chemistry.

**Note: Muriatic acid is contained within the unit, however this is used to trigger a chemical reaction that seperates the ions so they can be distributed into the pool. Understand, this compound, in no way, makes contact with the pool water**


As stated before, the only maintenance required for this technology is the addition of muriatic acid every 1-6 months (based on climate, and size of pool). The electric costs of running the unit equate to that of running a 60 watt light bulb. Essentially, (Pureion Wave run-time)=(60 watt light bulb run-time).

Annual cost of ownership:

The operating costs, roughly, for an average residential pool (15,000-30,000) is $50-$60 annually. This figure takes into account the cost of muriatic acid, and the cost of electric consumption. This figure will fluctuate based on the geographical location, and the size of the swimming pool. Even considering a larger pool, and a harsher climate, the annual cost will not exceed $100.

Additional benefits:

Zero chemicals are added to the pool water; therefore, corrosive agents will not be present. The pool structure, lining, components, and any cleaning equipment (i.e. water vacuum) will all have a prolonged lifetime. In addition, typical water treatment methods create disinfect-by-products (DBP's) when their sanitizing agents (chlorine, salt) make contact with organic matter (hair, sweat, pee, fecal matter, lotions, oils, bugs, etc.). The combination of these agents coupled with organic matter are responsible for numerous adverse health effects; redness, dryness, eye and skin irritation, and internal issues like the development of asthma due to consistent and long-term exposure. Fortunately, the Pureion Wave's sanitizing ions interaction with organic matter doesn't produce these DBP's. Therefore, no health problems will occur, and your water will be free from dangerous organic materials.

In closing:

This system is currently available through a number of preferred builders and distributors scattered throughout Arizona, California, and Texas. Several other states are currently conducting demonstration trials, and will soon be available to distribute this technology. Furthermore, this technology has begun a global reach that extends into four different continents. Over 18 years in the making, the Pureion wave is a patent protected technology. It has passed numerous testing, can handle the harshest weather conditions, and will change any owners perspective on the quality of their water. This system produces a water clarity so exceptional that it displays a glass-like appearance. Also, the water's texture feels exceptionally smooth on the skin (has been described as a silk like feeling). A truly revolutionary technology that is beginning to gain tremendous momentum; this system will ensure a higher quality swimming experience for pool enthusiasts everywhere.

For more information, visit: pureion


Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

Postby BUzzzzz » Mon 28 Oct, 2013 10:34

What is your warranty?
chem geek
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Pool Industry Leader
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Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

Postby chem geek » Mon 28 Oct, 2013 21:57

I suggest you stay away from this. Some potential dealers tried it and when they ran into problems with it they couldn't get their money back. There were vigorous discussions on LinkedIn about this product and it was very clear that the promotors didn't know what they were selling and thought the inventor was a genius, but he really just snowed them and the guys promoting this aren't even around anymore.
Satisfied Customer

Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

Postby Satisfied Customer » Fri 22 Nov, 2013 22:44

I have an earlier version of this product and cannot be more satisfied. This manufacturer's system has been installed on my pool since it was built, seven years ago. The ONLY time I have had any issues with it maintaining my pool, was when I did not do what I was supposed to do; brush my pool weekly and maintain the muriatic acid in the unit. The system has performed as expected, even through the hot Arizona summers.
It would appear "chem geek Pool Industry Leader" may have a lot to lose if a lot of people install this system. This system has saved me hundreds of dollars in pool chemicals. I would guess it to be a real threat to the pool chemical industry.
chem geek
Pool Industry Leader
Pool Industry Leader
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Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

Postby chem geek » Sat 23 Nov, 2013 02:37

I have nothing to lose because I do not work in the pool/spa industry (the "Pool Industry Leader" tag is assigned by this website, but I'm not in this industry). I'm just reporting what was told to me by those who tried the product recently (after the LinkedIn discussion) and some dealers are now considering suing the company.

So what's your story? Do you work for pureion? Don't you think it strange that this recent thread for a product that hasn't sold very many units would get a response from a "user" soon after my post? And who creates a sign-on handle of "Satisfied Customer" anyway? Smells a bit fishy, don't you think?
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Revolutionary Freshwater Purification Technology

Postby Ordinary Average Guy » Sat 20 Sep, 2014 09:29

I have a unit. It is expensive, unless you amortize it over a couple of years against what you would have paid for chemicals. Including tax mine was about $2400.

First thing I asked was can I have my money back if I don't think it works? Instant response -- Yes, typically 30 days is enough time to verify it will work in your pool.

Are there any pools it will not work in? response -- Yes, if your pool is subjected to huge quantities of organic matter every day it may not work well. One of the guys here to deliver the unit has a tree (African ?? Sumac?? not sure) that bleeds yellow water out of the bean pods and leaves just by pouring water through it. I doesn't work well in his pool. Then again, he is constantly messing with his chemicals trying to stabilize his pool anyway.

I don't work for the company, I found it doing research on the web and called about it. I was leery about their claims because it sounded too good to be true. Then after talking with the owner/inventor and understanding that a guarantee was in place, I decided to take the plunge.

Mine has been running about a month now. We had a flood two weeks ago that dumped muddy water and about 1500 pounds of mud into my pool (I don't want to talk about my porch!) I drained the pool, scrubbed it down, did an acid wash to remove some stains and refilled with tap water. It has zero chorine according to the chemical strips I use but it must have some in it because it came from the city.

I am not a chem engineer like the inventor. My non-chemical background simple explanation is that the device uses hydrochloric acid (29% NO LESS) to crack the Hydrogen Ions away from the other components. After about 160 hours you are left with very weak acid, about as strong as vinegar. You can dump it on the ground or in the pool whatever you like. Then top off the system with fresh muriatic/hydrochloric acid, run the system for another 160 hours and repeat. You still need a filter (I use a DE filter with cellulose instead of DE) and have to empty your leaf basket and skimmer etc... (by the way, I had my wife buy little panty hose socks and I stretch them over my skimmer basket. They work great at preventing stuff getting to the pump basket, don't restrict flow much and can be replaced weekly if using chlorine for about .15 cents. With the Pureion Wave they last a long time because there is no chlorine to degrade them.)

My pool water has never looked so good or felt so good. The water is crystal clear.

After about a month installed the owner came by to check on it and to inform me on how to maintain the unit.''
Any that think I work for the company are welcome to come to my home and check it out and check me out. I am a Special Operations Helicopter Pilot. I spent 27 years in the military before being injured and medically retired. Not keen on leaving my contact information on an open board but if someone can suggest a way to be contacted let me know. Try haslettb zero seven at yahoo. Remove the spaces and change the numbers to the numerical form, install the proper at symbol and put in a dot com. I think most of you can figure that out. Shoot me an email and I will invite you over to see my system in operation. The owner is not the world's best salesman but he is passionate about his product and explained it to my satisfaction in about 30 minutes.

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