Hayward D.E. Extended Cycle Filter

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Hayward D.E. Extended Cycle Filter

Postby pullingmyhairout » Sat 31 May, 2014 20:22

I am having a terrible time with my Hayward d.e. filter. I constantly have to bump it cause the pressure goes way too high and stops pushing water to the pool. I got this pool and brand new filter two years ago. It has always done this. The vendor that I bought the package from said to try mixing the D.e with water before pouring it down the skimmer. I did and that hasn't helped at all. The water level is perfect. I also chemically cleaned the "fingers" in the filter. anybody have any ideas? Im about to throw this thing away.

TSH Tech

Hayward D.E. Extended Cycle Filter

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 04 Jun, 2014 23:11

I got this pool and brand new filter two years ago. It has always done this.

A few possibilities come to mind regarding your scenario

1) Your filter is probably too small of filtering area given the pool water volume and/or for the pump size.
2) You have a tree nearby that constantly sprays tiny droplets of filter clogging sap into the pool.
3) A combination of 1 and 2

The "finger" DE filters are small, they're designed for small above ground pools or tiny "swim in place" pools. If you want to ask my personal opinion about the finger type filters as a pool professional, they're mediocre filters. I don't know of any pool technicians that praise them. As a preliminary diagnosis, it sounds like your filter is just too small for your pool. If it's loading up quickly to the point you have to bump it frequently, then that's an indicator. You may want to consider a larger filter with a larger square footage of filtering area that is adequately matched to your pool pump, pipe size and pool water volume. Hope this helps.

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