Does this filter and pump go together?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 20k in ground pool on a 1 hp pump with a sand filter
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Does this filter and pump go together?

Postby BrandonJamesD » Thu 19 Jun, 2014 10:17

I recently purchased a new home with an in ground pool. We opened the pool last year and couldn’t get it clear for the life of us. We balanced our chemicals; there are no tears in the liner, which means…It’s most likely an issue with the pump/filter.

Hayward Super Pump
Model: C48K2N143B1 (SP-1607-Z1-M)
Horsepower: 1 HP
KW: .75
Volts: 115/230
Amps: 15.0/7.5
HZ: 60
SF: 1.1
PH: 1
FR: 56J
RPM: 3450

Filter (sand changed last season, no breaks in any portions of the filter)
Hayward Pro Series High Rate Sand Filter
Model: S210T
Effective Filtration Area: 2.2
Filtration Rate GPM/FT: 20
Filtration and Backwash Design Flow Rate GPM: 44
Max working pressure: 40 PSI
Amount of Media: 200lbs

My Plumbing:
1 ½ Inch hard plumbing, all level with the inlets and skimmer, 24” rise from pump to top of the filter. There is 1 skimmer and 2 return jets. The skimmer runs to the pump, which runs to the filter, coming out of the filter is 1 solid line, breaks into 2 lines for the 2 returns.

My operating PSI is about 15-20psi. The water is cloudy, when I vacuum the pool (all the junk at the bottom) the filter seems to be passing the junk through the sand, breaking it up into smaller pieces and returning to back to the pool. I ran the pool for 12-14 hours a day last year, and to no prevail. It remained cloudy the entire time. When I gave up in late august and turned the pump off, the water began to clear up a bit….

Any suggestions?

TSH Tech

Does this filter and pump go together?

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 19 Jun, 2014 17:43

Inside the filter valve that is labeled "filter", "backwash", "waste", "rinse" is a rubber seal called a 'spider gasket'. That gasket goes bad periodically and needs to be replaced.

A bad or leaky gasket will cause filtration bypass, which often leads to pools never clearing up, always cloudy.

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