Mistery Electronics Box (at least for me). What is it?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Mistery Electronics Box (at least for me). What is it?

Postby Neuropean » Wed 01 Oct, 2014 08:39

Dear fellow poolers, :)
I have moved in a house with a beautiful swimming pool which has been abandoned for a year. I have gathered information, knowledge, parts and a new talent for patience over the last 12 months. :problem:

I have renovated the plumbing and electrical wiring, but there's one electronic box which puzzles me. It has a diagnostic paper stuck on the front cover, and apparently, before it lost all colour and legible writing, it used to indicate what the three LEDs (red, orange, green) on the board and their combination mean. Unfortunately, where I live nobody is familiar with pool management and the nearest pool management company is in a neighbouring country.

If someone would at least tell me what this electronic board does, I could at least try to google some manual for it.


The pool is large (>80.000lt), with a rather standard set up: sand filter, chlorinator, barracuda.
Mistery electronics
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Re: Mistery Electronics Box (at least for me). What is it?

Postby Larry » Tue 03 Nov, 2015 06:31

Could it be a pump controller?
That large condensator looks like the ones found on monophase pumps.


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