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I'm new here
I'm new here
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pool cleaner help

Postby baxr8fatrig » Mon 04 Apr, 2016 22:39

Hi ppls
Need help with our Kreepy Krauly!

It seems to be stopping and starting when it is running and not continuously moving!
Not sure but after googling have read that there could be air getting into the system!!! :(

This unit is at least 15 years old and have already spend some coin on parts in the last few months
Should i just turf it and buy an new cleaner and hose or should i try and fix it!
Am getting sick of fixing it though!!

Also if i was to buy a new cleaner and hose, could i use it with my existing Kreepy Krauly skimmer plate that's in our waterco skimmer??

Thanks guys in advance for you advice and help

Very novice when it comes to pool, but am learning :)


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Pool Industry Leader
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Re: pool cleaner help

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 05 Apr, 2016 17:08

The suction type cleaners create an extra load on the suction and it pulls air in from the any weak section
Does the pump strainer bowl have air in it when the cleaner stops? (it could be pulling air in from the "O" ring, lubricate it with silicon grease or Vaseline)
Check your hose isn't cracked or split or joints on the suction side aren't split

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