Loop Loc/Latham (MESH) Pool Cover - Year Round?

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Loop Loc/Latham (MESH) Pool Cover - Year Round?

Postby Hoosier18 » Sun 17 Apr, 2016 20:09

I purchased a home with a concrete, in ground, kidney shaped pool that has not been taken care of for some time. After seeing the bill for all new mechanicals, I am trying to see what my economic/safe POOL COVER options are. I have seen a lot of issues with automatic covers, in addition to the extreme cost. I have been reading about Loop Loc/Latham/Etc mesh pool covers and they seem affordable and durable, and very safe (I have two young kids). However, are these strictly for winter use? I would like to potentially use one year round. I don't mind spending a little more time removing and covering it each time I want to use it, if it's going to save me many thousands in comparison to the automatic cover. I do not like the idea of putting up a small black mesh fence around the pool edge, and there is no way to fence the pool off from the kids (enter the pool deck pretty much right out the back patio door). If my wife can unhook the springs and roll it back, I would do this in a heart beat. I see an issue with the grommets sticking up though between uses, but that's a minor drawback in comparison. Maybe I can spray some neon orange spray paint for a warning so no one stubs a toe!
Any thoughts? Alternative suggestions? Could I use it year round? I am new to this so any suggestions would be great.

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