Help!!!! New everything needed

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Figure 8 inground. 36'L x 16'W. 6.5' -3' deep. 6'wide by 3' deep spa.

Help!!!! New everything needed

Postby NunoT » Thu 30 Mar, 2017 17:11


I recently purchased a home with an inground pool. I was told that it might need some work but I can get by for a year or two. Long story short, I now need to redo the entire pool. I got a quote of $11,000 to replaster and retile the pool and spa. I was also told that the equipment needs to be replaced, which I agree with since the heater, filter and pump are all rusty. I got a quote of $12,000 to do that work. He was planning on installing a Raypak digital heater and a Smart pump and filter. Does anyone know if this sounds reasonable or if theres anyway to save money? I live in Connecticut btw. Any advice is appreciated.

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