Pacfab DE Filter O-Ring - Question

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pacfab DE Filter O-Ring - Question

Postby eusjma » Sat 06 May, 2017 16:17

Hello. New member here. Wasn't sure where to introduce myself so doing it here.

I live in the Dallas Texas area. I have an inground 'normal' gunite/plaster pool. The pool is approximately 17000 gallons and I use a DE filter.

I have a question about the big o-ring on the DE filter. The filter is a Stainless Steel Pacfab Nautilus 60 Sq Ft filter. The filter has been at my house longer than I have - I think it's about 30 years old (maybe 32). I can't really see the part number anymore.

Anyway - I needed to replace the o-ring. The one that is on there kind of has a trapezoid shape (if looking at a cross section of the band). The clamp band that goes around it has the same basic shape. I bought a replacement o-ring from a local chain pool supply store. The one they gave me is a normal o-ring. The person told me that the ring would take the 'trapezoidal shape' from the belly band. I wasn't sure if that's true but I tried. As much as I tried there was no way I was going to get that clamp ring tightened around that filter. I don't know how hard I would have had to force it to make that o-ring squeeze into the shape of that clamp band.

Does that sound normal? Did they make o-rings that had a 'not round' shape?

Does this even make any sense? :)

Thanks in advance


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Re: Pacfab DE Filter O-Ring - Question

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 06 May, 2017 17:06

Hi Jeff
Any chance the band has 2 sets of tightening bolts? If it does, loosen the other bolt, almost all the way, before trying to install the one you removed to open the filter
I don't know whether that is the right O ring or gasket but give‎ a ring as I've heard they are very helpfull people
Googling it, there was a lot of reference to that model. Difficult but good quality
BTW They are now part of Pentair

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