Control Heater on/off Through Phone

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Control Heater on/off Through Phone

Postby StevesPool » Wed 01 Nov, 2017 10:14

I am looking for the most cost effective way to control my Raypack 206 heater through my phone.
Ideally, I would like to be abel to see what the temperature of the pool is in addition to turning the heater on and off.
I know I could get a Pentair Easytouch or Hayward OmniLogic, but those seem very expensive and beyond what I want to control.

I do have a Pentair Intelliflo pump and a Hayward LED light, FYI. Seeing what the experts would recommend in terms of cost effective automation.

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Re: Control Heater on/off Through Phone

Postby Teapot » Wed 01 Nov, 2017 15:17

Not an expert on this, more enthusiast barely getting to grips with it but ever hopeful! Have you looker at the Hackster website, usually some bright spark has built something similar and could help you adapt it.
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Re: Control Heater on/off Through Phone

Postby paulr33 » Thu 04 Jan, 2018 05:32

You could build a controller with an arduino but it would be a bit of work. The temperature input is easy and then it’s just a controller relay for the 240v AC power and an Ethernet sheid for IP connectivity

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