What kind of brush for new plaster?

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Elle W
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What kind of brush for new plaster?

Postby Elle W » Wed 17 Apr, 2019 13:46

Hi, the company who resurfaced our pool told us to brush the plaster daily for 30 days. What kind of brush do we use? Could someone post a picture of one please? And is there a particular brushing technique we should know about? Thanks

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Re: What kind of brush for new plaster?

Postby Teapot » Wed 17 Apr, 2019 15:51

Personally I would increase the Alkalinity with bicarbonate of soda to around 200-400ppm. That would allow for the formation of calcium hydroxide a very hard surface and Allow that to cure before brushing it at all. Then a soft brush to lift the dusting.
Of course you may need to follow their advice or suffer if something goes wrong. Maybe look up Mr Kim Skinner he is an expert on plaster pools.

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