Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP

Postby Tjc99 » Thu 02 May, 2019 19:56

Hi. We just installed a Hayward Ecostar 3400 vsp. My question is, how long do we run it everyday and at what rpm? I’ve seen so much conflicting stuff online. Should we run it at around 1000 rpms for like 20 hours per day then have it I’m cleaner mode where the Rpms go up real high for a few hours to cycle the water? Please provide input. I’m so lost as to what I should do. My old single speed just ran for 9 hours in the summer. It cost a fortune to run so I’m hoping this will save some big bucks just need to know how long to run it and at what speeds. I’m in Houston If that helps.

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Re: Hayward Ecostar 3400 VSP

Postby Teapot » Fri 03 May, 2019 04:41

When I set up a system for a customer I use a flow meter. That way I can work out the correct flow for the size of the pool. for example, my pool pump runs 24/7 during the season. It costs about the same in electricity to run 24 hours as the old single speed pumps do in just 2 hours, thus massive savings and 4 turnovers in 24 hours means about 98% of the water is being filtered each day. (Gage & Bidwell) model. Skimmers only work when filter is running so you get less dirt, leaves etc sinking to the bottom because the filter is running.
Slower filtration is better filtration by around 4 times so you catch more finer particles ( Dr Dryden) there is no benefit to running the pump fast for any length of time, it cost more in electricity and will undo the better filtration you have achieved. Running faster is really only needed to backwash the filter and if you use some kind of vacuum flapper cleaner.
You will see a lower pressure on the filter gauge and it will not rise so much when the filter is clogging so I advise you to fit a flow meter or a Flowviz as a reduction in flow is the best way to indicate when the filter needs backwashing.
What size is your pool (gallons) and what size is your plumbing and filter? Then we can begin to work out what would be good for you.

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