Paramount UV and Variable Speed Pump

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Paramount UV and Variable Speed Pump

Postby Lymond01 » Fri 31 May, 2019 19:06

Hello -- a few basics about my pool: varying depth but shallow (5 foot laplane, 4 foot main, 2 foot shelf, 16000 Gallons); variable speed pump; UV filter; cartridge filter; side pressure cleaner; gas heater; attached spa.

The UV light on the UV filter used to always come on when the pump would kick in on its daily routine. It stopped doing so. I cleaned...everything (filters, pump basket, etc) and pressure at the filter is around 8 psi. The pressure at the UV filter pretty much shows nothing even though water is flowing. The UV filter is designed to not light unless 5 psi or more is flowing.

That being said -- if I manually turn the pump on, it ramps up, UV pressure goes up, light turns on...then about 2 minutes later, pump ramps down, pressure decreases, light goes off.

The whole pool thing is new to me. I went through "pool school" so I have a rough idea of which valves are doing what and how things basically work and how to maintain the pool in a basic sense. But how might one go about troubleshooting this without disassembling all the piping? I don't feel there are enough readouts to give me a good idea where the flow issue (if any) is coming from. Maybe the UV filter is on the fritz or its pressure guage is...

Thank you for any insight.

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Re: Paramount UV and Variable Speed Pump

Postby Teapot » Sat 01 Jun, 2019 00:17

In a hydraulic circuit the pressure is equal at all points. Are you saying that after the initial inrush pressure has subsided the running pressure is 8 psi and insufficient to make the UV work?
Pool equipment gauges don't last that long so replacements are needed from time to time. Pressure switches get gunked up and springs rot in chlorinated water so worth taking a look. What you really need is flow switches rather than pressure but the pool industry is pretty stupid.

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