Emptying wet vac

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Emptying wet vac

Postby Eddles » Wed 16 Oct, 2019 07:09

Hi all,

I have to drain my 1200 litre hot tub weekly. I have a drain pump but it can't drain the whole tub, it leaves about 30 litres of water in it. I have a 9 litre wet vac which I use to finish the job. However, it means I have to disassemble it, carry it over to the toilet, drain it, carry it back, reassemble it and continue. Due to the small size, it takes a few trips to do so.

So I want to buy a 30 litre wet vac but simple maths tell me 30 litres translates into 30kg, which will be a struggle to tip over to drain. I've even seen 50 litre wet vacs.

So, how do people with those vacs drain them?

Many thanks for your advice in advance!

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