Dedicated Gas Meter Help

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Dedicated Gas Meter Help

Postby sgpsf » Fri 27 Mar, 2020 14:21


Has anyone installed a dedicated gas meter to their pool heater and if so, can you share what product you used and what type of service provider did the work?

I want to install a dedicated gas meter reader to my pool heater and am not finding any information online about people doing this? I assumed this would be a common thing to do for those renting out their homes such as I do in which rather than charging an average surcharge for use of the pool and spa, I simply want to charge the guest back the cost relative to the actual amount of gas used during the stay specific to the pool heater.

The only gas meter I have found so far is on the web site ekm metering and the product is the 1.5" Pulse Output Gas Meter - PGM-150. Their customer support says it should work for my use, but that I should confirm this with a plumber. So far, every plumber I have contacted says they do not provide this service and the only service provider so far that says they are willing to do this is an HVAC company who says they know someone who can do it, which sounds sketchy.



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