sealing flagstone

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sealing flagstone

Postby gregg » Fri 22 Aug, 2008 09:31

Just built an inground saltwater pool with flagstone coping. Need to seal the flagstone because its shedding and I want to protect it. I have two sealer choices. One a siloxane type penetrating sealer that wont change appearance and a acrylic, breathable solvent based sealer that will darken it up.
The acrylic is called Everclear by Euclid and the other is CP-500W by by CPI.
Any recommendations on which to go with? Thanks

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Pool Newbie
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Which Sealer?

Postby Knightf6 » Thu 09 Oct, 2008 07:51

Excellent sealing results are achieved using SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish and ND AGGREGATE TM. Manufactured by NEW DIMENSIONS SOLUTIONS since 1986. Guaranteed 5 years !

Does NOT change look of flagstone nor any flooring/deck material/paint !

Makes it NON SLIP both WET and DRY !

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