Polaris 360 pool sweep pressure release valve

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Polaris 360 pool sweep pressure release valve

Postby Aouate3 » Wed 05 Aug, 2009 21:43

on our polaris 360 pool sweep we got from a neighbor for free, the pressure release vavle is firing, we modified the pressure release valve with a cable tie so it wouldnt be release all that pressure. well about 4 days later i noticed that the tube that connects from the wall to the pool sweep was blown. i fixed the blown line and went to the switch box and turned on the pool to check the pressure and sure enough the pressure gauge on the DE filter was pretty high, so i removed the cable tie, how do i fix this, i also noticed (not sure if this is helpful) that 2 of the clogged jets in the spa were unclogged by the pressure thankfully

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Polaris 360 pool sweep pressure release valve

Postby superdoopie » Thu 06 Aug, 2009 20:03

I've seen the 360 operate just fine with water coming out of the relief. It's there so that any size pump can run the cleaner but also to protect it in case there is a blockage in the hose or cleaner. The wheels should rotate at about 20-30rpm when the cleaner has the right amount of pressure. It could also be that the pressure relief is faulty and you can purchase a new one at any reputable pool store or online.

Did the cleaner come with a screen fitting that inserts into the end of the hose that connects to the wall? If not this could mean that debris got into the cleaner. Small tree junk can get stuck in the small orifices in the cleaner, and the screen prevents that.

If the pipe that feeds the cleaner is plumbed after the filter the pressure will go up when the cleaner is installed. If the pressure is high when the cleaner is off, you need to clean the filter. This process depends on the type of filter and selector valve you have.
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Polaris 360 pool sweep pressure release valve

Postby czechmate » Fri 07 Aug, 2009 10:18

Even small amount of debris in the in-line filter at the pool wall connection can severely limit the action of the Polaris.
You will loose the sweep motion of the tail and the unit will not climb the walls.
The raised pressure on the filter is normal. Sometimes you may need to plug some jets if you have too many to direct more pressure to your Polaris unit.
Pressure of 25psi is not considered too high. T
he only setback is prolonged cleaning cycle, so it is better to use the 360 only to pick up debris and than run the filter on minimum restriction with all jets open.

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