One Spa jet only creates SUCTION.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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One Spa jet only creates SUCTION.

Postby eddiesaenz » Sun 31 Mar, 2019 16:15

I have a BRAND NEW in-ground pool with attached spa (spa at same level as pool.) 6 of the spa jets are powered by the main pool filter pump. The other 6 jets in the spa are powered by their own fixed-speed Pentair pump. 5 of those jets are working normally, but one is sucking-IN water, rather than blowing it out. Has anyone heard of this? The builder says they believe there must be "typical new-construction" debris in a line someplace in the plumbing that is partially clogging a line, and this clog is actually causing one of the 6 jets to suck-in water. The suction is fairly constant, and ALWAYS behaves this way whenever this dedicated spa-jet-pump is on. I have searched the web and did find just a few postings similar to mine, but none that seemed to contain a definitive resolution to the problem. Thanks!

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